Predictive analytics for critical machinery

Detect issues months in advance with our AIoT system trained on over 7,000,000+ hours of machine monitoring

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Endorsed by industry leaders in healthcare, mass-transportation, class-A highrise and commercial development - XTRA Sensing is a tried and tested solution for reducing machine downtine and facility repair costs. Rooted in Hong Kong, our global reach extends to Taiwan, Singapore, the UK, Portugal, and Canada.
Nigel Ko
Co-Founder XTRA Sensing

How it works

The XTRA Sensing System (XSS) is a full stack, sensor-to-management solution for monitoring single and multi-machine facilities.

XTRA Sensor

Captures vibration and ultrasonic data

XTRA Gateway

Gathers sensor data and transfers to the cloud

XTRA Cloud

Sensor data analyzed with machine learning

XTRA Portal

Data and results sent to the client portal

Start optimising your machines instantly

Install the sensors

Battery-powered sensors are fixed onto the machinery to collect vibration data

Connect to the internet

Connected to the cloud, the XTRA Gateway sends data continuously for analysis

Recieve data instantly

Through the web portal, recieve up-to-date analytics on operational health

The XTRA Sensing system showing data being gathered, sent and analysed

Our Technology

We use sensors and data analytics to monitor health and performance to predict when maintenance is required, preventing breakdowns or failures.

The sensors continuously monitor ultrasonic oscillations and vibrations to provide insights into the condition of every machine.

The XTRA Sensing® Cloud Software can diagnose issues months before they become otherwise apparent.

4 fans with XTRA ensors placed on them

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